Fracasse de 12 Compagny

Fracasse de 12 is a French street theatre company based in Brittany, touring throughout the world. We devise shows without words where music, mime, dance and clowning come together to create unique moments for all the family and in communities everywhere.

Using minimal props, we perform humorous and compelling shows for all audiences in streets, theatres and other public spaces.

We want to play theatre for everyone, everywhere and anytime. Public spaces are the place where we can meet people and share moments of happiness, communion and art.

Hop! the show that makes broomsticks sing, bins dance and the audience laugh.

Four road sweepers are simply streets ahead, brushing away the ennui of the daily routine in a magical mêlée of broomsticks wielded against a pulsating background of clacking bin-lids,street-funk rhythm, choreographed gymnastics and high-quality recycled vox humanas scrap. Couched in the international language of dance, music, pantomime, clownery and poetry, here’s a presentation to delight young and old alike, soliciting sidewalk, smiles and teasing out every passer’s-by hidden desire to laugh, dream and (why not) hip Hop!.

Press Extracts :

” Fracasse de 12 spares us the silly and easy criticism of city council employees. It bets on the strength of the interpretation and the humor of the situation, in which the public is sometimes complicit. “

Télérama – June 2017

Garbage cans, plastic cones and a big dose of talent: the four members of Fracasse de 12 need no more to make their audience scream with laughter. Their inventiveness and good humor will win over all audiences in this crazy broom ballet.

La Montagne – Festival d’Aurillac – August 2017

The four actors/dancers/singers of the company Fracasse de 12 are not your ordinary sweepers. With them, garbage cans, shovels and brooms turn into dance partners for languorous and whacky choreographies.

Le Maine Libre – July 2012

Onomatopoeia, acrobatics, songs, body percussion, beat-box, dances associated with the hijacking of objects and acting are choreographed and staged with brilliance: in the end, a very rhythmic and offbeat comedy, reminiscent of the world of Jacques Tati.

Le Télégramme – April 2014


We performed it more than 500 times since 2011, in France and all over the world : Belgium ( La Ville Ailée festival ; mairie d’Anvers), Switzerland (La chaux de fonds, Ascona festival, Tarmac festival à Renens, mairie de Nyon), Lithuania (Vilnius culture night festival), Spain (Esbaiola’t festival), Italy (Venise Carnival, Milano clown festival), Svolenia (Ana Desetnica festival : Ljubjana, Sostanj, Kranj, Sezana), Sweden (Malmofest and Stockoff), Netherlands ( Kunsten Op Straat festival), Luxembourg (Beckerich), Taiwan (Taipei Summer festival), and at the Womads festivals in Australia and New Zeland.

A young, innovative and unique multi-events company, that’s offers to support you in the great moments of your life. Birthdays, weddings, funerals, baptisms, honeymoons, bachelorette parties, and so many other occasions to be the ‘hero of the day’. They take care of everything and transcend the event so that you have a unique memory.

Things don’t always go as planned. A birthday is not always festive, and a funeral can hide a very beautiful ceremony. What if your last day was the happiest day of your life? So let’s party!


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Production Manager
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